What do you need, quantity or quality of clicks?

Working the SEM positioning with PZT can lead you to even both

We explain this to you in

five steps

and with an example

Imagine an insurance company interested in getting only good drivers

That is, drivers whose casualty records are almost clean, and for whom it is possible to offer insurance with very low premiums.

To carry out this marketing action, the company has a very tight budget, so it decides to use the digital medium.

What would this insurance company do?
Call their digital marketing agency
And what would your digital marketing agency do?
Pull manual to develop the typical Google Ads campaign
And ¿what would we have done in PZT?
Not to pull from manual, but from imagination and present something like this
And what would users interested in enjoying a Porsche do?

Go to a landing page like this:

And ¿why would our proposal be more effective?
In our campaign, the incentive serves as a filter to qualify the driver

As in the other agency’s proposal, the message is aimed at good drivers. But unlike the former, in ours the incentive serves as a filter to qualify the driver. Anyone who wants to enjoy the Porsche for a weekend should give us the name of their current insurance company and the years they have been a customer. And since companies share and cross-check information through the SINCO file, it is very easy to know if they are a good driver or not.

Provides us with relevant information

It would provide us with business relevant information, and not the data of someone who just wants to win an iPad.

We use display pieces for a more noticeable message

By using a more conspicuous and less conventional message in the display pieces, and a very desirable incentive, the CTR would increase and therefore its cost would be reduced.

Solo buscamos buenos conductores

In the case of Google Ads, we would not bid on words like car insurance, etc. since they would make the cost per acquisition much more expensive, and also it would not make sense to do so because we are only looking for good drivers.

And the most important

Such a campaign could be done with a very low investment and a duration of one month, which is an ideal time to see its effectiveness. Aside from this, renting a late-model Porsche Boxster for a weekend costs around € 650, which is considerably less than a new-generation iPad.

Do you want something like this for your products or services?
Then let us make a proposal without any commitment but with all our efforts