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In Spain, we have more than 20.000 digital marketing agencies, offering search engine services. Do you know how many of them are certified by Google? How many of them have daily contact with Google? Above all, do you have knowledge about how this translates into a business, large or small?  PZT focus on the aim of bettering your position in search results, are you interested in finding out what can we do for your brand?

Search Agencia SEM and see who is on first position in Google.

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Digital marketing


SEM positioning

SEM means Search Engine Marketing and consists of paying for appearing in the main search positions. This method offers two platforms, Google Ads and Bing Ads.


SEO positioning

This method let your website appear over the first positions. However, you must accomplish some objectives suggested by Google; content and technical requirements.

Content marketing

Attract your potential customers by creating relevant content and relevant information on all digital channels.


Social media

Nobody discusses the impact of social media in every context, that why no one doubts on its commercial application if well managed.That’s what we do at PZT, helping your brand to get the best results on social network.

Web design

We understand web design not only to organise contents, but an organization of every other technical aspects that influence the web behaviour. Do you know that if a web takes more than 3 seconds to charge, it will lose the 60% of its visitors?


An Ad wont success if it is not capable of generating clicks. This is not only provided by putting the right ad at the right moment. But by ensuring that it does not go unnoticed, thanks to an impressive creativity.

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What do we offer?

Mejores Resultados

Because here comes the best. Positioning your business with us means that you will only pay if you get results, no matter your budget. In fact we are Google partner which means we have an advantage to obtains results.

Google Partner

We are a normal agency, but different. We are like any other agency in what we do, (Online marketing), but we do it in a different way… This linked with our partnership with Google and Microsoft, has made us a benchmark of quality.

Atención Personalizada

You do not have to believe us, we must earn your trust day by day, recommendation by recommendation, result by result.

Your confinement, our success


The development and implementation of Digital Marketing actions and strategies will allow you to achieve greater positioning and a broader scope of your target audience, obtaining qualified leads or potential clients. All these advantages will directly translate into increased sales for your business, obtaining high profits and monthly income. Take advantage of the opportunities that Digital Marketing offers you and get a competitive advantage that differentiates you from your competition!

The advisable amount to invest in Digital Marketing will vary depending on your business, the existing competition in the market, the objectives pursued and many other factors. To calculate or estimate the appropriate amount, we will carry out an in-depth analysis of the current market, potential customers and the strategies to be implemented to achieve the objectives set in the first place.

At PZT we work to achieve beneficial results in the shortest possible time, but above all, that they are sustainable results over time. For this, it will be essential to assess multiple factors that can vary the exact time to begin to perceive the results for your business, such as the objectives set, the strategies to implement, the level of competitiveness in your sector and in the market , among others. Tell us what your goals are and the results to achieve and we will advise you with all the relevant information!

These are the two ways of reaching the top position on search engines, the difference between them resides in the method, SEM means Search Engine Marketing, in which you pay for appearing in the main search positions.

With SEO, you do not have to pay Google, but you have to optimize your website in order to appear at the top of an organic search, above the third position. This means that the content you upload on your webpage has to be efficient, and relevant for Google.

Both methods are equally useful, and they complement each other. The question is deciding which one is more efficient and optimized for your business. This is where PZT comes in to help you.

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