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Real Estate Marketing
Discover why we are leaders in the most exigent and competitive sector of digital marketing.


Because you are one step away from putting your business in the right place, the internet, and at the right time now!. While consumers are looking for products and services like yours. It is called, “Good web positioning”.


Because here comes the best. Positioning your business with us means that you will only pay if you get results, no matter your budget. In fact we are Google partner which means we have an advantage to obtains results.


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Position your business on the internet. Leave it to us, the ones who know the internet best, the Google-PZT Tandem.

The Google-PZT Tandem

In Spain, we have more than 20.000 digital marketing agencies, offering search engine services. Do you know how many of them are certified by Google? How many of them have daily contact with Google? Above all, do you know how this translates into a business, large or small?  This means that we focus on the aim of bettering your position in search results, want a try?

Search Agencia Sem and see who is on first position.

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Enter PZT

Exit conventionalism

Online Ads

+ 2.500.000€

Campaigns managed

+ 5K

Leads Achieved.

+ 50K

Web developments

+ 500

Who are we?

We are a normal agency, but different. We are like any other agency in what we do, (Online marketing), but we do it in a different way…

This linked with our partnership with Google and Microsoft, has made us a benchmark of quality.

Every history has a beginning, a vision and values
Our history originates in December 2014, when Posizionarte was founded.

The desire to develop this projects cames even before, when Posizionarte was achieving great success hand in hand with Prinex, one of the biggest Real Estate software’s in Spain.

At that time was when Victor Lopez, our CEO and founder, started creating and implementing some strategies in digital marketing, at which time he was trained to be a Google Ads reference.

Google Ads had been an extensively used tool in the USA, but not in Spain. Due to this he became a visionary in the Real Estate Sector.

Afterwards, thanks to the experience acquired by Victor from the best experts in Google, the visionary of the digital marketplace, his compromise with integrity, quality, and teamwork, He grow his idea of creating an independent project for 2.0 marketing services.

The project took the name of PZT by Posizionarte, which has become the SEM Agency leader in Madrid, and it has not stopped growing.

But you have to know something, the start was quite difficult as the recession, and crisis hit Spain.

But the combination between talent, effort, and enthusiasm gave us a reward, and the first was Fichet, a worldwide leader in terms of security.

Fichet´s arrival was an encourage of willing, above all, it was a projection of our professionalism, thanks to that, some clients started to be interested in high quality services, on positioning and digital advertising.

But it was in 2016 when PZT became an example of success for Google inside their partners program, this was such a big reward for PZT.

PZT is a Start-up which in less than a year of experience started working with big advertising accounts, providing the SEM guarantees more than any other agency with more years of experience.

This led to an increase of collaborators and team members, and the incorporation of experts in sales, inbound marketing and graphic design.

After that, some many other experts joined us, in terms of UX, SEO, and responsive web design.

The same way as the clients list increased adding some of the biggest Real Estate companies in Spain such as Engel&Völkers, Brosh, Libra, Barba Real Estate Group, Ikasa, and Vía Célere.

In some other sectors, we got hired by Luxurycomm, Gesmadrid Lawyers, I-cerrajeros, or Geriasa, all of these companies, still work with us.

On our part, we continue formating, and putting all our effort into offering the best. In addition to the most innovative tools, to making us able to reach the best version for ourselves and anyone on the internet anywhere.

And of course, yours.

¿Should we take off?

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What do we offer?

An open range of services supported by two promises:


We are a certified professional team; we are ready for any challenge.

Service Quality.

You do not have to believe us, we must earn your trust day by day, recommendation by recommendation, result by result.

Positioning with


These are the two ways of reaching the top position on search engines, the difference between them resides in the method, SEM means Search Engine Marketing, in which you pay for appearing in the main search positions.

With SEO, you do not have to pay Google, but you have to optimize your website in order to appear at the top of an organic search, above the third position. This means that the content you upload on your webpage has to be efficient, and relevant for Google.

Both methods are equally useful, and they complement each other. The question is deciding which one is more efficient and optimized for your business. This is where PZT comes in to help  you.



This method offers two platforms, Google Ads and Bing Ads.

agencia sem google ads
This is the most extended advertising platform. Three reasons here:
  • Because The ads will only appear in response to a search. So, if we offer Home insurance, our ad will only appear when users search the keywords: Home and insurance.
  • Because you only pay if someone clicks on your Ads.
  • And because the advertising process is very simple:

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This is the most recommended way to obtain the maximum visibility for your business.
  • Because here, ads don’t appear as an answer to a question, ads appear on related sites which may be interesting for your target.
  • You pay for the clicks or for the number of appearances.
  • The format in which you appear, will be in text, images and video.
  • We have over 2 million web pages and 650.000 apps, so we will reach your target here too.

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This is a tool made for selling products and services over the net. The method is very simple, first we will upload your products with Google Merchant Center, then we will create a campaign to reach the potential buyers, this is called Shopping ads.
  • They will increase the traffic on your webpage. Cause the ads will be promoted on related websites.
  • Generate qualified leads, cause Shopping ads have more info about your products and services, even images.

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This is a technique which uses the data from the users on your web, where they made an action useful for your business.
  • This data will help us to identify every visitor and offer customized and automated ads on the Display network.
  • The identifying process will be based on customized metrics from Google Analytics.
  • The way to reach our target is just using the millions of sites on the Display Network.

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YouTube needs no presentation; this support has an important success and that only some data is enough to understand its success.
  • Every month 1,5 Billion users connect to YouTube from their mobile phones, users that dedicate at least one hour every day to watching videos
  • During the last 2 years, the number of small and mid-enterprises that publish their ads on YouTube has doubled.
  • YouTube ads will only show ads to users that may be potentially interested in your services, depending on the investment.
  • The advertiser will only pay if the consumer clicks on the ad or watches it for up to 30 seconds.
  • Everything with just an initial investment of 5€ per day. The most important is to have the help of experts like us to optimize this invest.

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agencia sem bing ads
Bing is the second search engine in the world.
  • It belongs to another technology giant as Microsoft, it is available for computers, smartphones, and tablets, in any operative system.
  • Its platform is as versatile as Google ads, bids are much cheaper, because there are not so many competitors as in Google Ads.
  • Another fact to consider is that the consumers usually spend more money and have a buyer-ratio much more useful than in any other place on internet.
  • Also, Microsoft technology let´s us import campaigns from other platforms, in just a couple of minutes, so it is also a fast way to promote.

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This method let´s your website appears over the first positions; However, you must accomplish some objectives.

  • Content requirements – As the most related words to your business.

  • Technical requirements – You must know how the positioning algorithm works, and how to index your web to be available in every support system.

Many requirements require a constant updating, but who would make better SEO than us?

Our other services of

Marketing Digital

Nobody discusses the impact of social media in every context, that why no one doubts on its
commercial application if well managed.That’s what we do at PZT, helping your brand to get the best results on social network.

  • Generating the maximum quantity of contents that in turn generates a dialogue between your
    brand and the consumers.A dialogue which is the previous step to every sell, and it will let you create a closer relation to
    your consumer, and a more rentable relationship.
  • Designing strategies with well defined objectives, which benefit your brand and/or increasing
    your deals, but with flexible actuation plans that let us measure the results obtained.

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  • An Ad wont success if it is not capable of generating clicks. This is not only provided by putting the right ad at the right moment. But by ensuring that it does not go unnoticed, thanks to an impressive creativity.
  • Ask us for some examples, or, you can ask us for a free proposal.

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  • We understand web design not only to organise contents, but an organization of every other technical aspects that influence the web behaviour. Do you know that if a web takes more than 3 seconds to charge, it will lose the 60% of its visitors?
  • And do you know that half of the visits that a web has, came from smartphones and tablets? We guarantee that your web will adapt to every phone, pc or tablet, even on TV! We will make it faster, and we will keep it updated for you, we guarantee that the charge time will be under 3 seconds?.
  • This is the result of combining, the best content manager, as WordPress, with the best user experience thanks to our designers.

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  • If you curious, you have seen that we have many clients and many reviews from Real Estate sector
  • The reason is quite simple, it is a very active sector at the online merchant, it is also tremendously competitive, this means that if you have success here you will be able to achieve it in any other sector.

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Our experience as a Google Partner, has let us create a new deal line quite rich in professional terms, the formation. A formation based on face to face courses of Google Ads. This courses are taught by our teams In Spain, This way, our students obtain the benefit with our realmanage experience in Google Ads.
  • This courses are directed for enterprises and particulars which want to improve their techniques in SEM, or students that need to update their Google Ads abilities.
  • The final objective is to obtain the Google Ads certification, something you obtain after passing an exam of Google Ads fundamentals, and one more of the next terms: Search engine ads, Display Ads, Smartphone ads, Video ads, and Google Shopping ads.
  • The exams are free, you can repeat them every week, and when you pass them, you obtain a 1-year valid certificate.Students will learn to create:
    • Create value proposals to create online campaigns.
    • How to configure and manage ads accounts.
    • Interpret metrics to optimize the results.

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Your trust

Our success


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